Avalanche Stoppers and Feedback


A couple of weeks ago I came across the beauty of the avalanche stoppers in the Alps.  It struck me immediately because the mountains were so high and the stoppers were made of wood and looked too elegant and fragile even to stop an avalanche.  I asked some questions to the local person next to me and he said that sometimes when it snows a lot, they actually trigger an avalanche in the mountains so that the people are not endangered by it afterwards-for preventive reasons.  This got me thinking…

“Avalanche stoppers and feedback are so similar”, I thought.  If you give feedback to someone in a timely and frequent pace, you have no avalanche in your relationship with that person.  And if you ask for feedback, when it snows, then you are preventing an avalanche again!

When you look at the avalanche stoppers in this picture you will see that they are in rows or even layers I may say.  Each time you give or receive feedback it is just a layer and the more you bring this into habit the less avalanches you have in your relationships at home, at the office and in LIFE.

So ask yourself, how much burden (avalanches) are you carrying right now, and is it good for you or your relationship?  Just go and ask for or give a resonant, constructive feedback and prevent an avalanche in your beautiful life.