Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
— Jack Welch

Leadership is not just charisma; it’s a well-crafted set of skills that allows individuals to evaluate, challenge and guide people through important functions and phases of a business.

At Dervish, we develop leadership skills so our clients have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their organizations. Our approach is to run leadership programs where natural leaders can develop the skill and insight to becoming great ones, and where fledgling leaders learn to lead with flair and authenticity.

Our Leadership Development and Training programs push each and every delegate to gain rigorous personal insight into what makes them tick, and then, with that understanding of themselves, to stretch their ‘comfort zones’ into new and challenging territory.

Additionally, we focus on their ability to see what's going on; this is the one essential quality that anyone in any position of leadership must develop. Whether you're running a company or a department, you can't excel unless you can see things from all points of view.

Once you develop your ‘seeing’ skills, you develop the skills that make things happen, get things unstuck, move things forward. You can look at creating a vision, motivating and inspiring others, setting clear agendas and supporting those who need to help make your vision become a reality.