Yeşim Dervişoğlu

Yeşim Dervişoğlu -  Founder


Yeşim Dervişoğlu who is the founder and CEO of Dervish Consulting, has been working in Senior Human Resources and Training positions in Fortune 500 companies, training and coaching over 40,000 executives for the past 20 years.

She has been giving HR & Management consultancy services in the field for 10 years, both in Turkey the EMEA Region, Japan and Norway where she lead a Leadership Program which involved and AC chosing a captain for the Maritime Dept of Haugesund University. Right now she is part of the digital book writtten on this project- the book on the best practice leadership program, which will be distributed to all universities in Norway.

In 2002 she started working as a consultant for American Management Association in Tokyo, Japan where she lived for 3 years. Growing up, Dervişoğlu also lived 4 years in Berkeley, CA, USA. She has studied the cultural and linguistic differences of the east and west.

Yeşim has extensive track record in below practice areas & trainings: 

  • Organisational Development Projects
  • Engagement projects
  • Competency Based Interview Techniques
  • Negotiation SkillsPerformance Management
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • Corporate Culture & Coaching Projects

Her training on Cross Cultural Differences and Business Presentation Skills has been third best seller in AMA Japan (the fourth best seller being De Bono’s Six Hats).

Yeşim brings her unique international and corporate experience as she has worked in a number of projects both in Turkey, Norway, France and Japan. Some of the recent projects are:

  • Nissan: Creating the entire sales training manual and presentation for Nissan Maxima’s sales team/launch in the South East Asia Region. 
  • Roche: Since 2006 training their Managers and GM’s in the EMEA region on Business Presentation Skills 
  • Barclays Tokyo: Giving a Logical Thinking Skills training to all expats and managers to enhance cross cultural communications. 
  • Google Academy 2015
  • Unilever Turkey: Raising Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Programme
  • İpek Kağıt Turkey: 2012 Engagement Project

Yeşim has also worked consecutively with DHL Worldwide Express in Training & Development, developing her skills in The then HQ Brussels, then with Abbott Laboratories, implementing Training Needs Analyses along with working in all fields of HR, then with McDonald’s Turkey during the managerial Organizational Development phase hiring senior level managers.

She has a BA Degree from Istanbul University on English Language & Literature ( which is also her passion), and a special student degree on Linguistics from the Bosphorus University, which she has enhanced by becoming an NLP Practitioner. She is bilingual in Turkish & English and speaks enough Japanese to have Japanese cab drivers laugh at her.

Yeşim’s life mission is to develop herself and others around her, and this is her approach whilst working with her business partners.

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