FEATURED CASE STUDY: Economies are built on solid leadership

Great leaders take teams to new heights

Great leaders take teams to new heights

Norway University Of Haugesund / Leadership Program 
Every Leadership Course Is A Journey — But This One Took Place On A Ship In Scandinavia.

Sea-based oil plays a critical role in the Norwegian economy and, in turn, has made developing the country’s next generation of professionals and tradespeople a critical goal of the Norwegian government and educational institutions. In 2013, Dervish Consulting was asked to collaborate with the Maritime Department at the University of Haugesund to facilitate an Assessment Center aimed at developing the students’ team and leadership skills.

This program was designed for a group of 35 students to choose a Captain and 16 leading crewmembers, and to then cultivate critical skills to enhance their performance as sailors. But here’s the really interesting part — the selection and training series (Coaching and Communication Trainings)  took place while they were sailing a ship from Norway to the U.K. and then on to France. Dervish Consulting led the training and coaching before the departure from Norway, designed the programs utilized on the ship, and then met the crew on the boat at the Cherbourg port in France to close out the experience.

The result was that the captain Sophie Jungefeldt and her crew had a very smooth journey with their increased coaching and communication skills their self-awareness and collaboration was highly developed.  In our interview which took place in Oslo, Norway for the digital book project in 2014, Sophie mentions in detail how they benefited from this program both in their personal life and during this literal journey with an old sail boat from Norway to the U.K. which ended in France.  Please watch the video which you may find in the videos section, for further details and the amazing return of the journey with the sailors singing with pride and joy, on the poles of the boat, entering the port.